Apple brings Stage Manager to older iPad Pros with latest iPadOS 16 beta

Stage Manager is a completely new multitasking experience that automatically organizes apps and windows, making it quick and easy to switch between tasks. For the first time on iPad, users can create overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view, drag and drop windows sideways, or open apps from the Dock to create app groups for faster and more flexible multitasking. The app window that users are working on is displayed in the foreground in the center, and other open apps and windows are arranged on the left side in recent order.

With full support for the external display, Stage Manager allows users to organize the ideal workspace and work with up to eight apps at the same time.
With full support for the external display, Stage Manager allows users to organize the ideal workspace and work with up to eight apps at the same time.

Nathan Ingraham for Engadget:

Unfortunately, the feature was limited to iPads with the M1 chip, which includes the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro released in May 2021 and the M1-powered iPad Air that Apple released earlier this year. . All other older iPads have been excluded.

That changes with the latest developer beta of iPadOS 16, which has just been released. Now, Apple is running Stage Manager with a number of older devices – it will work on the 11-inch iPad Pro (1st generation and later) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation and later). Notably, it will be available on 2018 and 2020 models that use the A12X and A12Z chips rather than just the M1. However, there is one notable missing feature for older iPad Pro models: Stage Manager will only work on the iPad’s built-in display. You won’t be able to extend your display to an external monitor.

Apple also claims that the iPadOS 16 beta 5 developer is removing external display support for Stage Manager on the iPad M1, something that has been around since the first beta of iPadOS 16 was released a few months ago. It will be reintroduced in a software update coming later this year.

MacDailyNews takes: Apple has provided Engadget with a statement regarding the Stage Manager which reads:

We introduced Stage Manager as a whole new way of multitasking with resizable windows superimposed on both the iPad display and a separate external display, with the ability to run up to eight live apps on the screen simultaneously. Providing this multi-display support is only possible with the full power of the M1-based iPads. Customers with iPad Pro 3rd and 4th generation have expressed a strong interest in being able to try Stage Manager on their iPads. In response, our teams have worked hard to find a way to provide a single-screen version for these systems, with support for up to four live apps on the iPad screen simultaneously.

External display support for Stage Manager on iPad M1 will be available in a software update later this year.

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