Apple and Google face anti-competitive complaint in Mexico

Apple and Alphabet subsidiary Google are facing an investigation into anti-competitive practices in Mexico after the country’s former telecommunications chief filed a complaint, he said in a Twitter statement on Friday.

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The complaint was filed yesterday with the Mexican telecommunications regulator IFT by Mony de Swaan Addati, who was once the head of the former telecommunications federation which was later replaced by the IFT.

His complaint accuses Apple and Google of “completely inhibiting competition” by “taking advantage of their monopoly in app stores to restrict the use of their payment processing systems for in-app purchases.”

In his online statement, de Swaan Addati said the Google Play Store and Apple Store charge a 15% -20% commission, forcing price inflation.

MacDailyNews takes: These bureaucrats, and the handful of developers who complain about them, have a lot to do.

The Apple App Store is not a charity and is not free.

How much did it cost developers to have their apps burned to CD, packaged, shipped, displayed on store shelves before Apple redesigned the world for the better for the umpteenth time? Apple incurs costs to store, review, organize, surface and distribute apps to over one billion users. – MacDailyNews, September 9, 2020

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