Apart from Kohinoor, these 4 items were also taken by the British

People on Twitter asked the UK to return the Kohinoor diamond to India. (Pencil case)


With the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death making headlines, a new Twitter trend has become popular: #Kohinoor.

People on Twitter asked the UK to return the Kohinoor diamond to India. Many believe that the precious diamond, now mounted on the queen’s crown, must be sent back to India. In the midst of all this, one thing that is shown is that Britain has many things that were taken or plundered from other countries during their colonial rule. Here is a list of some of these items.

1. The diamond of the great star of Africa

Among the many precious assets of the Queen, the “Great Star of Africa” diamond clearly stands out. It is the largest diamond in the world and weighs around 530 carats. Estimated at around $ 400 million, the Great Star of Africa was mined in South Africa in 1905. According to several African historians, the jewel was mined in 1905 and presented to Edward VII and they claim that the diamond was rather stolen. Or plundered by the British government during their reign as colonists. The Great Star of Africa is currently in the Queen’s scepter.

2. Tipu Sultan’s ring

Tipu Sultan’s ring is said to have been taken from his corpse by the British in 1799 after losing a battle against them. According to several media outlets, the ring was sold at an auction in Britain to an unknown bidder for around 145,000 Britons.

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