Antauro has no regrets, after being released: “We are very proud of what we did in Andahuaylas”

Antauro Humala showed no regrets after leaving Ancón II prison this Saturday, August 20. On the contrary, he said he felt “very proud” of the so-called ‘Andahuaylazo’, where he took over a police station and killed four police officers in January 2005.


Speaking to his followers outside the penitentiary, the retired soldier recalled the judicial situation of the former presidents Alessandro Toledo (2001-2006) and Peter Paul Kuczynski (2016-2018). He was also implicitly referring to his brother Olanta Humala (2011-2016).

“We are out again and I can tell you that we are all very proud of what we have done in Andahuaylas. The courts have not yet done so, but the facts prove us right. Where are the presidents we rebelled against 17 years ago? [Alejandro] Toledo fugitive, prisoner, corrupt and thief. [Pedro Pablo] Kuczynski, who was minister of Toledo during the Anddahuaylazo, the same “he expressed.

“Those who betrayed are about to go back to prison and we have also previously rebelled [Alberto] Fujimori and [Vladimiro] Montesinos, when many generals signed the deed of subjection “He added.

Antauro Humala He also claimed that history gives him the “Reason” and that after the failure of the right in two centuries and of the left for his own “vices”all that remains is to enter this national emergency situation “Govern patriotic common sense”.

“In this aspect, I believe, I think, I think it has been our flag since Locumba, that this crisis is not governmental, it is republican. It simply makes us visualize the agony of the Creole Republic. We need to re-establish a second Republic and what they say in the streets ‘let them all go’ is more true than ever “he pointed out.

“We believe that the flags of Andahuaylas and Locumba are still valid and in this respect and we have always been consistent because we go beyond what is said to what is done”He added Antauro Humalawho referred to the over 17 years in prison he served as a “captivity” and announced that he will travel to Andahuaylas to thank the support of its people in 2005.

As mentioned, last Friday the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) reported that the prisoner convicted of simple homicide, kidnapping and other crimes related to ‘Andahuaylazo’ in 2005 he served his sentence under the figure of the redemption of the sentence

Antauro Humalaoriginally sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment, he served a total of 17 years, 7 months and 14 days until the date of the INPE declaration.

For the prison authority, the detainee according to law 28760 obtains his liberty because the “Calculation of the redemption of 7 days of work or education for 1 day of freedom” It can be requested for convicted of kidnapping. In total, it was calculated that he completed 3,667 days of work and study, which is equivalent to a 1 year and 7 months’ ransom.

Antauro Humala's lawyer talks about his client's freedom
Antauro Humala will be released from prison

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