Another reason to be excited for Spy x Family Season 2: The theme song is awesome【Video】

The new song from the beloved J-rock group is raising the excitement for the new season of the hit anime.

The Spy x Family the anime had a lot of ground to cover in its first season. The audience was to be introduced to Lloyd Folger, a secret agent who pretends to be a doctor, Yor, the woman he enters into a sham marriage to build his cover, but who, unbeknownst to Lloyd, is an assassin, and Anya, a girl , who they adopt to pose as their daughter, who has clairvoyant powers that she hides from everyone, and they’re far from the only characters on the show with secret allegiances or otherwise not quite what they seem on the surface.

But with its core cast, setting, and established central conflicts, The Spy x Family storyline looks set to really get rolling in its recent Season 2 premierewith the latest video preview filled with action, drama and even more scenes of Anya being adorably devoted to her new family. And if all that isn’t enough to get you excited, now there’s another reason to be excited: the season 2 theme song.

The first half of the video has a tense atmosphere, with the arrival of a new terrorist assassin antagonist whose plans Loid must stop, raising the stakes from the usually light-hearted season 1, with Anya even having reason to believe that her adoptive father will die in an explosion.

But this is still Spy x Familya series where the central theme is finding joy in the simple moments of the happy life you’ve created for yourself and the people you care about. And so, before the video ends, the new opening theme “Souvenir” begins and is already bringing a smile to many people’s faces.

Even anime fans outside of Japan will probably find the sound familiar since this is a J-rock band Chicken boom. Although they debuted shortly before mainstream music artists began regularly appearing in anime productions, the members of Bump (as fans call them) have never hidden their love for animation, and in recent years have performed theme songs for Detective Conan, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Granblue Fantasyand Sumiko Gurashi anime franchises as well as the greatest Pokemon music video of all time.

Combining the long-awaited return of Spy x Family with the inclusion of one of anime fan’s favorite groups prompted Japanese Twitter users to react with:

“Seriously?!? They have a Bump for one of my favorite series? Thank you!”
“No way! boom! That’s awesome!”
“Bump is here!”
“With Bump doing the theme, it feels like a theatrical release.”
“Two things I love in one place.”

Spy x Family Season 2 premieres in Japan at 11pm on October 1st.

Source: Twitter/@spyfamily_anime (1, 2)
Top image: YouTube/TOHO animation channel
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