an iron that raises passions and which comes out for 38.90 euros

The new iron he sells Carrefour branded Orion It features a stunning marble finish and glittering rings. Its texture is smooth and with it you can enjoy cooking your favorite meat with maximum guarantees. It’s easy to clean (you can do it by wiping it with a wet cloth) and it’s made shatterproof because it has covering non-sticky

The plate measures from 35.5 x 28.3 x 1.3 cm and is made of high-quality forged aluminum, which gives it great resistance and thus prevents its corrosion and wear. The product also includes an induction bottom that allows heat to be distributed efficient way throughout the piece and is compatible with all kitchens on the market. It’s a perfect item to invite your friends over for a meal this summer, and it comes at a great price: it costs only 38.90 euros.

Carrefour plate.

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