An FIR was registered against Sadhguru for “showing a rat snake” at the event

A complaint has been registered against the founder of the Isha Foundation, Sadhgurufor allegedly displaying a rat snake during an event in Chikkaballapur in Karnataka on October 9.

According to reports, forest department officials are in the process of investigating the incident.

The complaint was filed by Prithvi Raj CN, board member of the society, with the Deputy Conservator of Forests, Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The complaint alleges that Sadhguru illegally caught and exhibited a rat snake. This notes the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

It should be noted that the fig tree is a protected species under the law.

The complaint also said it was cruel to display the reptile under blazing lights. It is not certain from where the snake was captured but it has not yet been handed over to the forest department, Prithvi Raj mentioned in his complaint.

The FIR also alleged that certain other violations of environmental laws were also committed by the foundation while constructing the premises at Chikballapur. Hence, Prithvi Raj requested the department to take strict action against Sadhguru.

Meanwhile, the Isha Foundation said in its clarification, “A snake had entered the vicinity of the Isha Yoga Center in Chikkaballapur during the consecration event of the Naga deity at the centre. For the safety of those present there and the snake itself, a volunteer brought it to Sadhguru’s attention. Sadhguru treated the snake gently and asked it to be released safely into the nearby forest. The snake was not injured, trampled or transported in any way as stated in the complaint. The police officers present at the scene are aware of the incident.

At the event, Sadhguru tried to dispel any misconceptions about snakes by mentioning that these reptiles are gentle creatures and should not be harmed. The respected guru also said that snakes are unnecessarily viewed as negative beings, even though they do not harm humans unless attacked. People are not his food and he does not intentionally harm without reason. He also mentioned the huge difference between the number of people dying from snakebites and those affected by other causes, such as car accidents. However, people have such a great fear of snakes that it is completely unjustified.

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