An elephant tramples a man in Odisha while taking a selfie

Cuttack: A wild elephant steps on a man while taking a selfie in Jagatpur town, Cuttack district. The injured man was admitted to SKB Medicinsko.

According to reports, the incident took place in the Nazarpur area where two elephants were walking. There is also a small elephant between the two of them. Because of the havoc caused by the elephant, the locals are scared. The administration makes a message to the informed people. He instructed people not to leave their homes. A 100-member team has been deputed by the City Forest Division and Cuttack Forest Division to take the elephant away from the settlement.

In another incident,

Two people were killed in an elephant attack in Cuttack’s Jagatpur area. A woman and a man were killed in the attack. The elephant still roams in the Nazarpur area.

Another elephant was stuck in the Jobra barrage on the Mahanadi. He had been stuck in the barrage since last night.

When the barrage gate was opened this morning, the dead body of the elephant was carried away. There had been a crowd around the barrage since the morning when the news of the stuck tusk broke. People wanted to see the elephant.

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