An Apple Watch’s Battery Explodes, Should We Worry?

Batteries are sensitive parts which, despite the care of the manufacturers, can fail. Samsung knows a thing or two about the Galaxy Note7 … But even Apple isn’t immune to an accident.

Isolated case or future epidemic? Of course, Apple hopes this case of an Apple Watch Series 7 with an overheated battery won’t repeat itself. Anyway, this US user had a bad experience reported by the site 9to5Mac. He was wearing the watch when he suddenly realized it was much warmer than usual.


After removing it, he noticed cracks on the back of the Apple Watch, while watchOS, the device’s operating system, showed a high heat warning: it had to be turned off to lower the temperature. The user called Apple Support, but did not immediately receive a solution or advice.

The next day the situation got worse. The Apple Watch was even hotter than the day before and this time the screen had just shattered. It was when he picked up his watch to photograph it that he made a creak, when ” exploded “, In the words of the user. The device also left burn marks on the sofa …

The owner of the Apple Watch went to the emergency room because he feared lead poisoning. Fortunately, the watch only contains an infinitesimal amount of it, so there is no danger on that side. After this experience, he contacted Apple again, who told him that his case was a ” highest priority “; the product was returned to the manufacturer for examination.

Apple also asked the user to keep quiet about this story, which may be surprising, but it’s industry standard practice. In fact, it could be a single case related to faulty workmanship, and not a faulty series – from Apple’s point of view, there is no point in alerting all users of its watch if this incident is unlikely to happen again.

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