An actor from the cult favorite American film has died at the age of 53

An actor from the cult American film died at the age of 53: Mike Shank, a musician best known for his role as the good guy in the prestigious documentary “American Movie”, was 53 when he died, according to a close friend.

Shank had been battling cancer recently, according to Jackie Bogenberger, and died Thursday. The 1999 documentary “American Movie” followed the making of the horror short Coven, winning Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival by independent filmmaker Marc Borchardt, with Schank—Borchardt’s closest friend—showing support for Borchardt’s dream of becoming a filmmaker despite numerous obstacles.

Shank became a beloved and enduring character thanks to his zany humor and understated sweetness “Film”, as well as his openness about his battles with alcohol and gambling addictions. He not only composed the soundtrack for Coven, but it also contributed to an awesomely blood-curdling scream.

The success of the 1999 documentary led to a number of opportunities, including a role in the 2001 film. “Storyteller” and a voice cameo role in the animated series “Family Man” as yourself.

An actor from the cult favorite American film has died at the age of 53
An actor from the cult favorite American film has died at the age of 53

Shank, according to Bogenberger, stayed “one of the most wonderful and selfless human beings this earth has ever graced” despite his battles with addiction and illness.

On Twitter, relatives, friends and others paid their respects. Comedian Patton Oswalt just tweeted “REST IN PEACE.Actor Rainn Wilson tweeted, “This is tragic. Mike Shank forever. Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood referred to Shank as “legend”, add, “Mike Shank forever.” I LOVED this amazing man.

Borchardt, Schank’s closest friend, simply tweeted: “Stay strong forever Mike.” Shank tweeted in August that he had been sober for 27 years. According to Bogenberger, Shank began informing his family about his cancer diagnosis about three months before his declaration.

A memorial service for Shank will be held at the Milwaukee Alano Club on Nov. 12, according to Bogenberger. Shank has volunteered there for 20 years. This item has been changed to reflect the fact that Schank died on Thursday, not Wednesday, and that he was 53 years old, not 56.

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