American turns his prosthetic eye into a functioning flashlight!

People who are diagnosed with cancer go through many health treatments. It takes a lot of courage to fight a serious illness like cancer. A 33-year-old man from the United States has lost an eye due to cancer. But to our surprise, he turned his disability into an “eye-catching” innovation. He turned his prosthetic eye into a functional flashlight.

A man named Brian Stanley from the USA overcame all odds and made an innovative prosthetic eye. Brian, who is an engineer by trade, transformed his eyeball into a fully functional flashlight.

Stanley took to his Instagram where he shared his video, captioning it as “A short demo of my Titanium Cyborg Eye’s capabilities as a headlamp!”

Six days ago he uploaded the video and less than a week later, the video has more than six million views. People appreciated his innovative skills and showered praiseful comments on the video. With more than six lakh likes and fifteen thousand plus comments, the video has caught the attention of social media users.

An Instagram user wrote: “Cancer may have taken your eye but not your spirit! That’s pretty damn cool.” Another user wrote: “Seeing people like you who don’t give up is what keeps me going. RESPECT”

The comments section is filled with much, much appreciation for Brian and his ability to “never give up.” This isn’t the first video where Brian has shown off his innovative skills, but his feed is full of interesting videos. Stanley is from Southern California and claims to be the OG Titanium and Cyborg Eye Maker. He calls this his innovation a “skull lamp.” Its battery life is 20 hours as a functional flashlight. He has a very prosthetic eye that he turned into a functional flashlight. Inside the video, he wrote that he designed and manufactured them himself from a solid titanium billet.

Watch the video here:

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