Amazon achieved 9 billion euros in turnover in France in 2021

Amazon made € 9 billion in revenue in France in 2021

With 23% growth in France, the US company generates 55% of its business on the market and has 18,500 employees in France.

Amazon has historically been very discreet on this issue, lifting the veil on its activities in France. Amazon’s revenue in France increased by € 1.7 billion in one year to € 9 billion in 2021, from € 7.3 billion in 2020 (an increase of 23%). This figure covers all of Amazon’s activities in France, be it retail, its market team commissions, its AWS service or its advertising teams. By comparison, Amazon’s UK sales in 2021 were £ 23.19 billion or € 27.23 billion. France is one of the top five markets in the world for Amazon. Frédéric Duval, general manager of Amazon France, explains that the company has suffered a slowdown at the beginning of 2022, “but since the end of the second quarter we have grown compared to 2021”.

“Every minute 150 products are sold on our market in France”

Often criticized on this topic, Amazon insists on its contribution to public services in France. The Seattle-based company announces a direct tax contribution of 470 million euros in 2021 (compared to 310 million euros in 2020) and an overall contribution, taking into account the contributions collected by its third party merchants, VAT in particular, of 1 billion euros (compared to 600 million euros in 2020). “We contribute to the financing of French public services and we are happy to do so. If Amazon was born in the United States, Amazon France sees itself as a French company, adds Frédéric Duval. This is the visible face of the iceberg ”. Amazon France announces that it will employ 18,500 people on permanent contracts in France and will create 3,000 permanent jobs by 2022. The company also has 13,000 French companies including third-party sellers operating in its market. These third-party vendors generate 35,000 jobs in France. The company invested € 16 billion in its operations in France between 2010 and 2021.

Focus on outside sellers

“More than half of the products sold on the platform come from third-party sellers and are getting more visitors, assures the director of France. In 2003, 3% of the volume of activity of the French site came from the market at over 55% this year ”. In 2021, French companies on Amazon exported € 600 million abroad, which is 50% more than in 2020. “Every minute in France, 150 products are sold on our marketplace, says Patrick Labarre, director of the marketplace in France. . 2021, we have invested 3.4 billion euros in Europe for its development and we want to enhance local products and remove the barriers to their export to Europe with the help of our teams at the disposal of third-party sellers ”. The most popular product categories on Amazon are, in order, home, health and wellness, beauty, toys, and finally groceries.

The increase in the delivery price of the books is canceled

In mid-September 2022, the Ministry of Culture indicated that it was following Arcep’s proposal to purchase the cost of shipping a book from 3 euros to 35 euros and then 1 cent once the 35-euro purchase bar was passed. A measure that will not happen to Amazon France. “Shipping a book to Biarritz costs more than shipping a book to London or New York,” said the general manager of Amazon France. The book remains important in the eyes of Amazon because it is our historical market and is closely linked to the heart. “We could spread French culture throughout the territory at a fixed price and that will no longer be the case.” Amazon France indicates that this measure will weigh on the rural population. “The result will be the increase in the price of the book in places where there is no physical network, stresses Frédéric Duval. In France there are only 3,500 bookstores, of which 22% are in Paris. We estimate that it is 44-46 % of rural buyers most affected by this measure. Everyone in France should have access to culture and it will no longer be the same for the same price, “he concludes.

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