Alexa lets you control games using voice commands

Amazon is also present at Gamescom 2022, the great games fair that is taking place these days in Germany, and officially presented it there new feature called Alexa Game Control.

As the name suggests, it is a new feature for the Alexa virtual assistant that allows players to perform a series of actions within the games themselves on PC and console through the use of voice commands.

New interactive gaming experiences thanks to Alexa

In this sense, it will not be necessary for players to have an Echo or similar device, and any microphone connected to their PC or console, such as those integrated into the headphones, can be sufficient to send Alexa the appropriate commands to create experiences in titles of game based on the built-in.

For this, games must be compatible with voice commands Accompanying the new feature is the release of its own SDK, which allows developers to unlock new interactive experiences via commands.

Amazon says this:

Alexa Game Control is a PC and console compatible technology with an SDK / Plugin that supports UE4, Unity and C ++ game engines. By integrating Alexa Game Control into their PC or console games, game developers can easily enable voice games to unlock immersive experiences, improve usability and accessibility, and create innovative new game designs.

An example of the possibilities that can be unlocked via voice commands using Alexa is the launch of the zombie saga Dead Island 2 from game developer Deep Silver, where users can access the navigation features by asking: “Where’s the counter? work closer? ” ? ‘, manipulate the zombie horde by saying “Hello Zombie” and more.

Currently, The new feature is in private betaand for which Amazon is providing a module that interested developers can fill out, and they can be chosen to be the first to have the tools to add Alexa Game Control compatibility to their games.

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