Alex Jones Says He’s ‘Almost Out of Money’ Even Before $965 Million Verdict in Sandy Hook Case

Alex Jones said he was “almost penniless” on Wednesday before ordering him to pay $ 965 million to the families of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre and in response to the 2012 massacre allegation by an FBI agent. he was a hoax.

“You want to fund my personal legal bills which account for 40% of all legal free speech bills. Minutes after a Connecticut civil jury ordered a nearly $ 1 billion verdict, Jones told InfoWar. “When I’m almost broke, I have to pay,” he told the Alex Jones Show.

The decision marks Jones’s second multi-million dollar conviction after a Texas jury awarded Jones $ 4.1 million in damages and $ 45.2 million in punitive damages to the family of 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim Jesse Lewis. August. he was sentenced to pay.

Jones isn’t the only one with money problems, it seems, as Infowars, which is owned by his media company, Free Speech Systems, is “red-hot” again after alleged channel troubles. legal supplies and invoices.

“We have to move everything to finance our operations, which as I said have gone black in the last six months because there are big donations and then because of the breaking of the chain. supply and other problems. It’s turned red since last month and the legal fees, everything else, “he said.” We’re barely heading towards red. “

Following the verdict, which increased his cumulative damages in cases to over $ 1 billion, the Infowars founder encouraged viewers to “counterbalance” the verdict by “flooding” the site with donations.

The conspiracy theorist also noted that he anticipated the verdict, saying he “knew it was coming” and “announced it”. [viewers] It will be a billion dollar decision.

“It’s a joke to sabotage your willpower and psychologically manipulate yourself into giving up,” he continued. “His attack is so vast and so disproportionate and so ridiculous, [it] It shows how vulnerable these ambulance pursuers are because it is the Democratic Party, a group of lawyers who hate America or destroy our country. ,

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