Alan Carr mocks Madonna’s “coming out” video with a “straight” version

Alan Carr directed Madonna to the LGBTQ+ TikTok trend (Photo: @chattyman/@madonaa/TikTok/Instagram)

Alan Carr had a good laugh at the queen of pop’s expense as he did his own take on Madonna’s ‘coming out’ video.

The Material Girl singer went viral last week when she shared a video on TikTok in which she appeared to come out as gay.

In the clip, Madonna, 64, plays a game where she throws a pair of underpants into a nearby bin, but there’s one rule: “If I miss, I’m gay,” and naturally she missed the shot.

Chatty Man host Alan, who is openly gay, decided to remix the challenge in his own video, which was dubbed: “If I miss, I’m right.”

The comedian was seen in a fun makeover, complete with shaving cream on his eyebrows to mimic Madonna’s bleached blonde brows and fake breasts under his Mickey Mouse sweater to resemble the cone corset the singer wore in her viral video.

However, instead of throwing on a pair of hot pink knickers, Allen, 46, sported a pair of red Calvin Klein briefs instead.

Like Madonna, Allen failed to throw the pair of underwear in the bin, so he jokingly declared himself straight.

Allen’s followers were highly amused by his quip, with one praising: “Damn brilliant” while another said: “I just giggled on the train.”

One laughed: “Epic lol I love the missing eyebrows.”

Allen appears to have smothered his brows with shaving cream to mimic the look of Madonna’s bleached brows (Image: @chattyman, Instagram)
He grabbed a pair of Calvin Klein briefs, presumably without a pair of pink French knickers to hand (Image: @chattyman, Instagram)
Madonna kept fans guessing when she came out as gay on TikTok (Photo: @madonna, TikTok)
The singer tried to throw a pair of underwear in the bin but missed, coming out as gay (Photo: @madonna, TikTok)

Madonna has not spoken since the video was posted to confirm whether she is revealing her sexuality or just following a TikTok trend.

Other celebrities shared a similar video last week to mark National Coming Out Day on October 11, including Emily Ratajkowski, who appeared to be bisexual.

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The model and actress caught on to a TikTok trend that declares a person to be bisexual if they own a green velvet couch.

In the video, Emily is seen staring into the camera before switching to another TikToker who asks: “If you identify as bisexual, do you own a green velvet couch?”

The camera then cuts to Emily moving to her own large green velvet sofa in her living room.

Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell also shared a video of a green couch and filmed herself flopping around on her furniture, looking like she’s bisexual.

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