Adam Pally on ‘Happy Endings’ Reunion in ‘101 Places to Party Before You Die’ Finale

It’s Adam Pally way more than just Happy endings“Max Bloom. Yes, we adore him for the three seasons of perfect comedy that ABC took from us, and the fact that he gave TV its first openly gay hero who eats carbs, loves sports and has no shame gene. He followed that up with fraternal stay The Mindy Project and since then, he’s racked up a slew of compelling, even unexpected, standout gigs from Hulu’s adult-friendly animation Crossing of swords to appearances in Iron Man 3 and on Sonic the Hedgehog films to fantastic independent films Most likely murder and A patch. Heck, he even had an uncredited cameo The Mandalorian like the Imperial scout trooper punching a kidnapped baby Yoda (a classic Max move, by the way).

At the same time, the streetwear-centric comic has also expanded into the world of shoe design through a partnership with luxury brand Easymocs, as well as the world of unscripted television. Which makes his series about traveling and breaking 101 places to party before you die on truTV some must-see craziness — because anyone who’s been paying attention knows that when Pali is allowed to freestyle, things can get weird. Especially with longtime friend and fellow cannabis-enhanced comedian John Gabrus on hand for the THC-infused adventures. They’re basically those loud guys at the next table who buy you a few shots and then somehow convince everyone it’s time to get face tattoos from a guy they know who lives on a boat but can’t legally leave the country.

1182500: 101 Places to Party Before You Die – Puerto Rico

On Thursday night, September 1, the boys had to self-destruct in Hawaii for their surprisingly emotional season finale, which reunites Pali with Happy endings roommate Zachary Knighton (now filming the rescued NBC Magnum PI in Maui) before sending Adam and Gabrus on a rock-climbing excursion that more than earned the excessive amount of consumption they had to manage within a 48-hour period.

Here, Pali explains how Bear Grylls came to be from Cannabis and Cuervo, updating us with some lots Happy news and shares what it’s like to walk in the door with a shoe design collaboration.

Okay, so apparently you survived the first season!

Adam Pally: [Laughs] I survived. Yes, I survived.

Which is amazing after you’ve done some messed up stuff on this show. How did you get truTV to sign off on this?

hmm i don’t know I did do they sign it? I do not know. I’ve never met them. I don’t know who they are. [Laughs] It was like an impersonal interaction, you know, they said, like, “Just go and get a bunch of content.” And that’s something we came up with.

101 Places to Party Before You Die - Adam Pally + John Gabrus

Well, they didn’t miss the chance to go to Hawaii for your season finale. We see them several times in this episode.

No no. They’ve all gotten there. Shocking! [Laughs] It’s just that Gabrus and I have known each other for about 20 years from comedy. One of our favorite shows is this British comedy called The journey starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. It was like, you know, improvised and loosely based on their lives and stuff, so we were like, “Well, what if we did this for the American audience?” And what ended up happening was that it just we got very drunk and filmed it. Then we thought, you know, there are so many of these travel shows, what if we made a comedy version of one that was more interested in making you laugh than teaching you about the food or the history of the places.

Although you definitely give us places to explore.

We are informative, yes. You can’t do a travel show without being informative, but…

Half the fun of the show is just watching you guys fuck each other.

Oh yeah, no, we’re not afraid of that. [Laughs] I love that there is no laugh track here, so you almost have to be your own laugh track. And Gabrus is one of the funniest people in the world. He makes me laugh by not saying anything, so it’s easy, you know?

There’s just such camaraderie. You both seem to have a high tolerance for each other,

[Laughs] “High tolerance” is a good way to put it! We met at Upright Citizens Brigade doing improv together. We were involved in our first kind of ‘comedy team’ together there and then just stayed friends. Then our families became friends and it’s a real organic kind of relationship. We have a deep love for each other.

And you’ve traveled a lot for this show. How long did it take you to actually film the entire series? Because that’s a lot of jet lag.

He traveled quite a bit—and at a time like this height of COVID, which was interesting. But it wasn’t too bad. Luckily you can get around America quite easily and we found everyone to be so welcoming and so excited to be open [for business] again. So any negativity from the trip or anything like that was washed away by the experiences we had with the people in each city.

101 Places to Party Before You Die - Adam Pally + John Gabrus

Favorite location from season one?

it’s hard They all have such a different role in the travelogue, you know? Miami, I have a responsibility as a Jew to die there, so I have settled comfortably there and I love this city very much. But at the same time, I’ve worked and lived in Atlanta so much that the city has become like a second home to me. So I really love this city too. And then we went to Puerto Rico and old San Juan was like, “This is the most amazing place ever created!” They each have their merits, so I can’t pick a favorite.

I feel like Atlanta and so do you. There’s the music you love, there’s the shoe stores you love, there’s that vibe. The city is actually made specifically for your entire aesthetic.

Atlanta inspires everything. That’s what they say down there. And really, I’ve been there so often and for such long periods of time that I’ve been able to find comfort in what the city has to offer, especially when you’re away from home.

And now Hawaii for the finale…you can see Zach Knighton!

yes we had some mini-Happy endings gathering and it was a blast. It was so fun to see him again. I hadn’t seen him in person in five years. So it was great.

Watch an exclusive sneak peek of the collection below:

You should surf too, but I can’t believe you didn’t take Zach surfing. He’s all for it.

He’s a good surfer and I think that’s why he didn’t want to surf with us. Like, I don’t play golf, but I have golf friends who say, “Don’t come with me,” you know? They don’t want to deal with that part of it. And in both golf and surfing, I in the morning this part. to disappoint [Laughs]

Okay, okay, now you’ve done it. You can check browsing from your list now. You also go abseiling in Hawaii, which hell no…

By the way, didn’t my legs look kind of yellowish in that [bit]? I finally settled on the idea that maybe someday I could make an act. [Laughs]

You’re already at Marvel, so…
yes I’m with star Wars. And Sonic. I have three!

It’s the craziest thing: you’re doing all this family stuff and everyone who follows you on social media knows you’re the greatest dad in the world… and then you’re off on the weekends shooting this show and getting wasted and eating breakfast wings in strip joints.

Well, look, you know, the duality of man, right? There everyone has their true self or whatever. I feel like my two selves are actually somewhat very close. And I’d say if you ask my family, I don’t act much different with them than I do on the show. [Laughs] So I think that’s a little bit of the secret sauce – you just have to be who you are all the time.

This is evident in the essays you’ve written recently for Men’s Health and – Very good. You and Casey Wilson need to back off or you’ll be taking jobs from journalists!

Casey’s book [The Wreckage of my Presence] it’s fantastic. I don’t know if I’m still there as far as being in her league, but I enjoy writing. Especially if I have time and a suitable topic. I love getting those kind of one off chances to write something for a magazine or something cool. It really is a luxury.

So, I have to ask about the shoes. Because your Easymoc moccasin designs are fire.

Oh wow, yes. Thank you!

How did this happen?

Um, I really like, again, I think, being kind of open and positive and trying to see what’s out there. I did a show called In debt at NBC where I played a guy who was into clothes and this young kid named Greg [Cordeiro] who started the company — he worked at Timberland — came up with the designs and sent them to the show, and I really liked them. I had never seen anything like it and I loved that it was a backless moccasin. Because, you know, I’m a little city boy and I don’t want the backs of my feet messed up by moccasins, you know? [Laughs]

Then we sent him an email like, “Thank you so much, they’re great!” And then during the pandemic, they started to take off… because I think people were like, “You can wear them in the house, you can wear them out of the house !” So ​​he asked me if I wanted to design a collaboration, and I just thought that would be really fun. I took a trip to his factory [in Maine] and I got into the samples and the metal parts, the Vibram souls, and I was picking everything. And here’s what came of it. Then Nordstrom loved it so they decided to release them and they were almost sold out. So it was a really fun experience that was worth it.

Even before In debt, it seems like you’ve always been something of a hype dad, wearing these really cool brands. Only your shoe game is iconic. It’s so cool that you’ve worn so many collaborations and now you are one.

Yes, it is. I’ve always had an interest in it. My wife is in the business, so I’ve always had an interest in clothing and stuff. And once I started controlling the stories I was telling and what I wanted the characters to look like – I think actually Happy endings was the first place where I had a voice for what that character looked like—it became a whole other tool in my box that I could use.

Of course, everyone always asks about a Happy endings reunion or reboot or whatever. And obviously I would lead that charge and fight for Congress to codify it into law to make it happen…

I’ll tell you this, there were some… you know, I always work with David [Caspe, Happy‘s creator]. And we have a new show that we hope to announce to the public soon, fingers crossed. But there is some movement of a Happy endings gathering. I don’t know what that looks like, do you? But I would say the title would be David and Casey, me and some of the writers have talked about.

Delighted. I will take it. Now, how about a The Mindy Project any gathering in the meantime?

Mindy [Kaling] and I just saw each other!

You did The Andy Cohen Show.

yeah yeah I don’t know, you know, I brought it up to her and I don’t think she was quite ready for it, but I really wanted to do some kind of Peter Prentice spinoff where I’m like going out in New York.

yes Talk to Hulu! Do this thing. I guess your kids are back at school, so you’re back in New York working on stuff?
A lot of things. I can’t really say, but a lot of things that are about to be anything and can’t be [discussed yet]. But I just finished a TV show with Arnold Schwarzenegger for Netflix, which was great. Arnold is my man.

How weird was that?

Weird is a good way to put it. It was weird because you’re like he’s one of the biggest stars in your childhood and everything, but at the same time he’s the greatest. I have nothing bad to say about him. He’s the most professional, the most responsible, the most humble, the most “I’m on it, I’m ready to be in the trenches” movie star I’ve worked with. He is the best, it was really great.

101 places to party before you dieThursday, 10:30/9:30c, truTV

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