Accidents happening on roads: Executive officer said – work will start from October 18

Most of the roads in the city of Chaibasa are in poor condition. It even became difficult to walk. The entire circulation system of the city almost collapsed due to the underground water supply, gas and fiber optic pipes issued by the Municipal Authority and the Department of Drinking Water and the NOC for the same. Accidents happen every day on the main roads.

Gandhitola Hanuman Mandir Chowk, Gandhi Maidan, Nagada Chowk, Ratanlal Petrol Pump Chowk, Jain Market Chowk, etc. are the main places where accidents occur. On October 15, 2022, at the special request of the Chaibasa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a joint meeting of the Chaibasa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Sadar Subdivision Officer, the Chaibasa Municipality Executive Officer and the Executive Engineer PhD was organized by Deputy Commissioner Ananya Mittal. District Commissioner.

During the meeting, the House delegation presented a brief to the Deputy Commissioner and informed the Deputy Commissioner of the state of deterioration of the main streets of the city and the consequent traffic problem. The delegation drew attention to the Deputy Commissioner on the current serious situation of the Chhath Ghat road passing through Gandhitola Hanuman Mandir Chowk. If the system is not strengthened in time, the devotees of Chhath will face many difficulties in reaching the ghat. There is also the problem of congestion of this road at some distance from the chowk.

Taking the matter seriously, the Deputy Commissioner ordered the Chaibasa Municipality Executive Officer and the PhD Executive Engineer to repair the aforementioned road without delay. The assurance was given by the general manager of the municipality that the works on this road would have started from 18 October.

Present were Sadar’s subdivision officer Sasinder Badaike, executive officer, municipality, PhD executive engineer, president Madhusudan Agarwal, outgoing president Nitin Prakash, vice president Shibulal Agarwal, secretary Sanjay Choubey, deputy secretary Durgesh Khatri, Nitin Agarwal, treasurer Aditya Vikram etc. at the meeting.

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