Abhishekam (ETV) Serial Cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki & More

Abhishekam (ETV) series cast, timing, history, real name, wiki and more: On ETV, you can watch the Indian soap opera Abhishekam. It is written in Telugu (Telugu). Abhishekam is a story about family value and doing what is right. It aired in the afternoon starting on weekday evenings and running through Saturday morning. It first aired on December 22, 2008 and ran longer than any other Indian soap opera. The final episode of the series aired on February 1, 2022.



Abhishekam, an Indian Telugu drama series, is directed by Narayana Rao Dasari. Each day, the daily soap opera will air on television with a compelling and entertaining storyline. The Abhishekam series is filled with drama, home life and love stories. The shows are produced by Narayana Rao Dasari’s Sowbhagya Media Ltd.

The official trailer for the show has been released. On weekdays at 2pm, ETV Telugu broadcast Abhishekam.

Abhishekam (ETV)

Abhishekam, a film about family values ​​and morals, was reportedly released in December 2008. Satish, Sameera Sherief, Madhu Babu, Vishnu Priya, Hariteja, Sidharth Varma and other celebrities appeared in the show. Vishnupriya, who plays the lead, praised the show’s remarkable success on social media. Others, like Madhubabu and Vishnupriya, stayed with the show until the end. The show has undergone several changes over the years while maintaining a loyal following.

Cast of Abhishekam

Vandana Gollu as Subhadra

Sireesha Nullù

Priyanka like Haritha


Varsha like Lata


Seethamahalaxmi like Tulasi


Pranay Hanumadla as Dev

Pranay Hanumadla

Rupamuggalla as Latha


Sridevi Kumrani in the role of Sirisa Mother

Sireesha Nullùlike Arcana

Monica Kadempali in the role of Rekha

Monica Kadempali

Times of Abhishekam

This is one of the longest-running Telugu soap operas and is about to exceed 4000 episodes. The long-awaited Abhishekam finale will have a formidable cast that includes Madhu Babu, Vishnupriya, and others.

channel name ETV
Serial times 14:00 (Monday-Friday)
Execution time 22 minutes
Start date December 22, 2008
Tongue Telugu
Village India

History of Abhishekam

Abhishekam is a story about the value of family and the bonds that people form. Narasimham and Suseela had two lovely daughters, Vinay and Sumathi. Vinay despises her father for his drunkard and womanizer tendencies, which have discredited the family. His mother was also the victim of his constant bullying. As a result of Narasimham’s capture, his daughter dies.

Narasimham and Susheela had two children, Vinay and Sumathi. Vinay develops great animosity for Narasimham due to his father’s drunkenness. Narasimham also constantly irritates his wife. Vijay’s sister’s death is directly linked to Narasimham, forcing Vinay to leave the house. After that, he goes to live with Masaru (an English teacher) and his family in a village.

Serial name Abhishekam
Genre Soap opera
Start date December 22, 2008
End date February 1, 2022
No. of episodes 4000
Times Mon to Fri 14:00
Execution time 22 minutes
Channel ETV
Tongue Telugu
Director Narayana Rao Dasari
Producer Dasari Padma
Production house Sowbhagya Media Ltd

The creators of the Abhishekam TV show, the cast of the Abhishekam series and the heroine and actors of the Abhishekam series deserve all the credit for the show’s success. We are now well past the 4000th episode of the show, making it the longest running show in history. In recent years, the Abhishekam series has become one of the most popular Telugu ETV series.

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