Aadhar number will be available along with birth certificate: Scheme will be implemented soon; Updated at the age of 5 and 15 years

The government plans to give the Aadhar number to the child with the birth. The Aadhar number will be given to the child along with the birth certificate. A lawsuit is pending in 16 states on the matter. It will soon be rolled out nationwide. After obtaining the Aadhaar number, the child will need to update their biometric data when they reach the age of 5 and 15.

Biometrics are not performed at the age of less than 5 years
Biometrics cannot be taken for children under the age of 5. For this reason, their UID is tied to the parent’s UID. For this reason, biometric updates are needed when the child reaches the age of 5 and 15.

Currently, Aadhar’s birth registration system operates in 16 states. It was launched a year ago, to which other states have joined over time. UDAI expects this facility to be available in all states within the next few months.

Large population of four states far from the base
Officials said 134 crore of Aadhaar cards have been issued so far. Assam and Meghalaya are the states where the entire population has not yet obtained a single identity card. Even in remote areas of Ladakh and Nagaland, the population is not fully registered. We are trying to reach these parts of the country as soon as possible.

Application to create 4 crore of new Aadhaar in 2021
He said 20 crore applications were received last year. Of these, only four crores were for the new Aadhaar, the rest for upgrade requests. Subsequently, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) decided to request updated information on Aadhaar holders.

Earlier this week, officials urged people to update their Aadhaar card if it’s over 10 years old. He says that in recent years many Aadhaar holders have moved to a new location, while many people have changed mobile numbers. For this reason, it is very important to have correct information.

How to update information in Aadhaar
The update can be done online via the mAadhaar app or also by visiting the Aadhaar centers. A fee of Rs 25 will need to be paid online and Rs 50 for updating information by visiting the center. In addition to this, the camps will also be held in ration shops. For this, preparations are underway at the state level.

What is the Aadhar card?
The Aadhar charter is an essential document. It has a unique identification number of 12. The Aadhar number is required to qualify for the government program until the child is admitted. The Aadhar card contains information ranging from your name, address and phone number to your fingerprint. This structure was introduced in January 2009 when UIDAI was created.

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