Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali Movie Review & Ratings

Review of the film Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali: Even though Sudheer Babu and Mohanakrishna Indraganti’s movie ‘V’ didn’t go well, they still have a good understanding. However, after Sammohanam and V, the duo is back with another interesting story called ‘Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali’, from the teaser to the trailer, it looks like they will create anger in theaters like Sammohanam, well bearing the enormous expectations the film is out today. September 16, 2022 and, without delay, let’s get into the in-depth review and find out if the movie is worth watching or not.


Review of the film Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali


A successful hardcore commercial director decides to make a film focused on women, so he is looking for a girl suitable for the character, eventually finds a girl named Alekya (Krithi Shetty) who is a doctor by profession and initially she refused. to act but in the end she accepts and during the making of the film he fell in love with Alekhya. here comes the turning point in the story when Alekya’s father learned that her daughter was making a film. Finally, the film will end, as it addresses all of these situations forms the rest of the tale.

Cast and crew

The cast of Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheepali’s film includes Sudheer Babu, Krithi Shetty, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore and Rahul Ramakrishna. The film is written and directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti and produced by Mahendra Babu and Kiran Ballapalli. The music is composed by Vivek Sagar The photography is curated by PG Vinda and the film is produced by Mahendra Babu and Kiran Ballapalli under the banner of Benchmark Studios in association with Mythri Movie Makers.

Movie name Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheepali
Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Music director Vivek Sagar
Producer Mahendra Babu, Kiran Ballapalli
Genre Romantic drama
Launch Sudheer Babu, Krithi Shetty, Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna.
Cinematography PG Vinda

Verdict of the film

There are few directors we have in the telugu film industry who always come up with unique stories and realistic character designs and Mohanakrishna Indraganti is one of them, he is the one who genuinely sticks to the subject and that made him a unique director, and he created a separate fan base, well, Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheepali’s premise is reminiscent of the Sammohanam film due to the background of the film, other than the fact that the two films are the exact opposite.

Well, the director took some time to establish all the key characters and this is why the story takes time to take off, however, you will start traveling with each character once all the characters and their conflicts are established. The first half went with clean comedy and engaging drama and the intermission lock gets you excited to watch the second half.

However, the second half focused more on emotions rather than comedy, and after a point it could become overweight for a viewer to watch and the film becomes interested in the pre-climax where we can see Mohankrishna Indraganti’s brilliant writing.

Sudheer Babu is one of the best actors in TFI and he shows his courage in acting, in particular, he performed so well in emotional scenes and I would say this is a character tailored for him, Krithi Shetty as Alekya is fine however he has a good screen time, unfortunately she did not manage to feel many emotions and the choice of different roles is quite appreciable, but in the mainstream to survive as a heroine for a long time she needs performance, Vennela Kishore as a typical co-director makes you laugh and Rahul Rama Krishna, Srikanth Iyengar and others did well as the character required.

More than a director Mohankrishna Indraganti is a brilliant writer, we can see strong characters in each of his films and Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali also has strong characters, but somehow those characters look like extended versions of Sammohanam characters, and this film is clearly made for an urban audience, however, he managed to engage the public with his brilliant writing.

Technically, Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheepali is good, PG Vinda always offers brilliant images for Indraganti films as we all know he is a longtime collaborator and provided some brilliant images for Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheepali and Vivek Sagar songs not I’m up to it, he never failed to give a good and catchy song but this time it looks but he impressed with his background score and the rest of the technical team did well.

Finally, Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali is a decent movie to watch but for Urban Audience only.

Plus points:

To write

Sudheer Babu performance

Few comic scenes

Negative points:

Slow pace

Lack of emotion

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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