A truck crash spills beer on a Florida highway, forcing it to close

A highway in Florida was forced to be temporarily closed after several vehicles crashed, spilling thousands of cans of beer from a delivery vehicle that almost completely covered the busy road.

Photos and videos show thousands of Coors Light beer cans scattered along a highway near the city of Tampa early Wednesday morning after a crash involving five trucks and a pickup truck.

Beer cans and concrete transported by one of the trailers also spilled on the sides of the roads.

The accident happened on Interstate 75 near Hernando County, which is about 30 miles north of Tampa, when a semi-trailer collided with another while changing lanes.

A total of five vehicles were involved in the crash, according to Tampa ABC affiliate WFTS. But the semi that failed to stop was filled with cases of Silver Bullet beer and collided with a pickup truck and another trailer.

No major injuries were reported, but some people in the vehicles suffered minor injuries.

The busy road had to be closed for cleaning for hours before the highway was reopened to traffic later in the day.

According to local media reports, the inner lanes were open to traffic for about two and a half hours after the crash at around 8.30am.

But the rest of the road may become functional only after six hours, around 12 noon local time. Satellite footage in local media showed cars lined up for miles after the highway was suddenly blocked. While other footage in local media showed workers tirelessly clearing the area for hours before traffic could resume.

A similar incident was previously reported in a South Korean city in June, when a road became the site of a large beer spill as crates fell off the side of a truck at an intersection.

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