A toddler has been scoring soccer goals since birth

As soon as a child is born, parents start dreaming about his big and bright future. While some are already planning their education and goals, many are waiting for their children to choose what they want to be and support them. But what would you do if your child started showing his talent from the moment of birth? In a similar turn of events, a football-obsessed father received a ball and goalpost for his newborn son. Ever since the baby was born, he has been scoring goals by kicking the ball into the net.

Luca Reid, a fan of the English club Manchester United, posted a video on September 4 featuring his son. The clip shows the toddler playing soccer since he was born. He can be seen kicking the ball in goal at various stages of his growth. “POV: Your dad buys you a ball and a goal,” reads the text in the video.

Watch video here:

To date, the video has been viewed by over 8.4 million. People filled the comments section with their mixed reactions. One person wrote: “Brother scored more goals before he learned how to walk than me.” Another comment read “Project Mbappe”, comparing the boy to French PSG soccer star Kylian Mbappe, who won the FIFA World Cup with France at 19 years.

A third user wrote: “The kid will tell in the future.. ‘I’ve been scoring goals since I was 3 months old.’ What flexibility!” and the fourth comment reads “the way he slowly realizes what he’s really doing”.

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