A student’s answer to the definition of marriage goes viral

People’s point of view on many things differs from one to another. For example, a child’s view on a given topic is different from that of an adult. Children have innocent minds and tend to see things as they see them. Sometimes their delightful responses can leave you stunned and split.

An answer sheet of a student who was asked to answer the definition of marriage in a social studies test is going viral on various social media platforms. Answering the question, which carries 10 points, the students write that the marriage is concluded when the parents feel their daughter is a big woman. According to the child, the parents told the girl: “We can’t feed you again. You better go find someone who will start feeding you. He further added that the girl will meet a man whose parents are yelling at him to get married. “Please, you’re a big man now.” According to the kid, the man and woman will test each other. Then they will decide to live together and start doing stupid things to have children, he wrote in the answer sheet.

The answer amazed the teacher and many others on the Internet. The viral photo of the child’s response showed that the teacher was clearly irritated by the response. The teacher crossed out the student’s answer and marked “nonsense” on the sheet.

Although the teacher didn’t like the student’s response, social media users seem to find it amusing. The definition went viral on social media.

Here’s the tweet:

The photo was shared on Twitter by a user named Velu. The post has garnered 11.7 likes and 1,942 retweets. Netizens flooded the post with comments.

One user wrote: “Actually, that’s the best description of marriage I’ve ever come across.” Another said: “That last sentence is pretty funny.”

Some users even agreed with the student and said the kid was just being honest. “He spoke too much truth,” commented one user. Another user claimed: ‘You’re a big woman now, we can’t feed you again’ sounds like what my parents would say to me.’

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