a release date and a stunning trailer

The Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime is receiving a fantastic new trailer and an upcoming release date.

This anime could be just the real surprise we expected from Netflix in terms of adaptation. After the cancellation of Resident Evil or even bebop cowboy, we started to lose hope on the platform and its questionable choices. But all in all, we may soon change our minds. Netflix has just unveiled a final trailer for its anime cyberpunk board runnersand even offers him a release date.

Inspired by the video game Cyberpunk 2077, board runners it was designed by the Netflix teams, as well as by CD Projekt Red. The story revolves around David, a young man whose life will be turned upside down by a near-death experience and who will go out of his way to start as a mercenary. The series consists of 10 episodes that you can watch in a few days.

A release date is approaching

The company, in fact, announces that the anime will be available on its platform starting from 13 September. Video game enthusiasts will therefore be able to discover a compelling story, which has the advantage of looking at each other and thus also attracting many new people. From a purely technical point of view, cyberpunk board runners Promising already to be a real killer and we can’t wait to discover this nugget.

Colorful, crazy and above all explosive, the animation of the series seems to reach levels that we no longer expected from Netflix. While the platform is already doing well with the likes of Pacific Rim: The Black, cyberpunk board runners raises the bar even higher with breathtaking dynamics. However, we shouldn’t rely entirely on trailers, they are organized to show us the best version of the production.

For fun, here’s the first trailer the company shared with us a few months ago. We still can’t get over it, can we?

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