A new scam in town, a gang is using FASTag to cheat people in Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi Police’s Crime Branch claims to have busted a gang using FASTag to dupe people by claiming to activate their credit card.

Police also arrested three men who were involved in a scam using FASTag wallets. The accused were identified as Mohd Zaid, Pawan Singh and Ravi Mittal.

The accused called people on the pretext of activating their credit cards or 5G services and asked them to transfer money to their FASTag wallets, police officials informed.

Ravindra Singh Yadav, Special Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch), said the accused gang targeted people who had recently bought new credit cards. Zahid’s use of creating fake accounts, arranged by kingpin Pawan Singh and Ravi Mittal, would create FASTag wallets using the victim’s account details.

Ravi would then withdraw money from FASTag wallets at petrol stations and CNG pumps in Haryana and Chandigarh and then distribute the money to other members of the group.

Recently, the police seized a laptop, swipe machine, mobile phones, SIM cards, luxury vehicles and debit cards from the three accused.

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