A man has been detained for trying to climb to the top of Srimandira

Cigars: In an unusual incident, a man was arrested by the Sinhadwara police in Cigars of Odisha on Wednesday after he was caught while trying to climb near the Nilachakra of Srimandira, the famous temple of Lord Jagannath.

The arrested man has been identified as Chandrasekhar Panda. They say he is a priest.

According to reports, this afternoon he was trying to climb up to the Nilachakra using the shackles that Chunara’s servants use to climb to the top of the temple.

After the act came to the notice of the people, the man was rescued from near the shackles inside the temple premises by the Jagannath Temple Police (JTP) and Chunara officials. He was then taken into custody at the Sinhadwara police station.

It is said that due to a loophole in the security system, he may attempt to climb to the top of the temple.

Earlier in May this year, a transgender had jumped from Singhadwara’s Gumuta of Shrimandira in Puri and thus was killed.

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