A drunken woman assaulted a security guard in Noida, a video showed

New Delhi: Another display of the rich abuse and harass the working class emerged from a housing society in the National Capital Region. In footage that surfaced recently, a woman from Noida’s Ajnara Homes society can be seen assaulting a security guard.

In the video, which has now gone viral, the woman named Deeksha can be seen involved in an argument with the security guard. She also appears to be drunk, swaying on her feet. While the argument is going on, she abruptly grabs him by the collar and forcefully removes the hat he was wearing and throws it to the ground.

Although the guard seemed surprised by her actions, he remained calm. He is praised for showing great restraint and not fighting back. He was seen standing completely still with his hands behind his back.

In the video, a friend of Deeksha can be seen recording the video and it is the watchman’s colleague who recorded the video which is circulating online.

There is no absolute clarity on the incident, but according to social media posts, the security guard stopped the woman’s car for not having a sticker required to enter the public.

Watch the video of the woman assaulting the security guard in Noida here:

The woman who assaulted the security guard in Noida has been arrested. SM Khan, ADCP Central Noida said that on coming to know about the incident, the police conducted a medical examination of the victim and filed a report. “Both women have been arrested and a complaint has been issued,” he added.

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