A decree against illuminated advertisements planned by “the end of summer”

France starts here “the end of Summer” to unify the rules that prohibit luminous announcements between 1:00 and 6:00 and nationally ban the open doors of heated or air-conditioned commercial establishments, the Ministry of Energy Transition indicated on Monday 22 August in a new calendar.

Sobriety is “essential” to limit global warming

Minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher announced two decrees in the “Journal du Dimanche” on 24 July “in the next days”but these will be ready from here “the end of Summer”, or by September 21, the ministry announced to the AFP. The two texts must be examined by the State Council, which explains the delay, adds the same source.

Very energy-intensive

While electricity and gas prices have risen to historic levels in Europe since the start of the war in Ukraine just six months ago, the country is preparing, like its neighbors, to implement energy sobriety measures ahead of winter that should also help fight warming.

The decree on light advertisers intends to harmonize the current regulations that already largely provide for their extinction starting at one in the morning, but which now differ according to the size of the agglomerations. Stations and airports shouldn’t be concerned.

“Energy sobriety is our best life insurance”

According to the Environmental and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), a 2 m² digital LCD advertising screen consumes 2,049 kWh / year, which is the equivalent of the average annual consumption of a household for lighting and appliances. (excluding heating).

The Citizens’ Climate Convention, held between the end of 2019 and June 2020, on the initiative of Emmanuel Macron, had proposed a more ambitious goal to the government: “The ban on advertising of video screens in public spaces, public transport and points of sale”but his proposal was not accepted.

As for the ban on opening doors in shops, it will now apply de facto in view of winter and heating, although the minister announced the measure in the heat of the heat wave, to combat air-conditioned shops that opened their doors in the summer, following several cities including Lyon and Paris that had already banned this practice at the municipal level.

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