8 Things You Shouldn’t Google

Search giant Google is accessed by billions of users daily for various things. You can find anything you want to know on Google. Many people search for different things on Google. Although Google allows all types of queries on its platform, there are some things that you should not search for in the browser, as this can land you in serious trouble or even jail time.

8 Things You Shouldn’t Google

How to make a bomb?

You should never Google how to make a bomb yourself, as problems like these are also monitored by security services. If you ever search also monitored by security agencies, it may be reported to government security agencies.

Child pornography

Likewise, you should never Google child pornography as it falls under the category of child abuse. Searching for child pornography will land you in jail. Because child pornography falls under the sexual exploitation of children. India does not tolerate such things. The country has strict laws against child and underage pornography online and considers the person to have a criminal mentality. As a result, this type of hate-seeking is considered a criminal mentality.

Abortion information

Abortion is illegal in India and is a punishable offense in the country. If you are looking for abortion information then you may be subject to legal action. Only a doctor can give permission for this. So if you’re not a doctor, don’t do this kind of search.

How to join a terrorist organization?

You could be in serious legal trouble if you ever dare to Google how to join a terrorist organization. So don’t do it.

Applications and software

Don’t download apps and software from unknown websites by searching on Google. Downloading unknown apk files is quite risky. The apps may contain malware and trojans that will slow down your phone and steal your personal information.

Customer service number

Never Google any bank’s customer service number. There are many cases where hackers have looted money by giving wrong numbers in Google search. In such situations, you need to get customer care number information from the bank’s official website. You need to visit the official website of the bank and get the number there. However, you must enter the correct URL for the bank, as opening the bank’s website via a Google search is not at all safe. Fraudsters often create a fake website that is an exact copy of the bank’s website. When they go there and log in with all the information, they get an ID, a password. Then I take everything from the account.

Medicines and treatment

Don’t get meds by asking on Google. It is not safe for your health. You should never buy drugs and supplements through a Google search. If you don’t feel well, go to a doctor who has years of training and experience behind prescribing a little medicine.

Stock market, trading advice

Don’t take advice on stock market online from Google. When you search Google for queries related to the stock market, you can see thousands of websites related to it. But not all of them are real. There are various fake companies that promise eye-catching benefits in the name of cryptocurrency, trading scams. As a result, you can lose everything in them.

Get stock market information only from well-known and trusted sites. Discuss the decision yourself or with your advisor.

Pay attention to these things to protect yourself from scams and prevent yourself from doing something that could land you in jail.

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