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For this new episode of EuroMillion, FDJ is offering 112 million euros to anyone who finds the right combination by Tuesday, August 30th in the evening. With a special code you can receive 10 euros in the form of electronic credits, which correspond to 4 simple grids offered.

Twice a week, the EuroMillion draw attracts millions of Europeans who dream of winning the jackpot. For this Tuesday, August 30, 112 million euros are up for grabs. The cat is attractive for the start of the school year and FDJ has no shortage of arguments to convince you to take the plunge. The French have a real advantage over all other players in Europe.

First of all, you need to know that playing EuroMillion on the Internet has an advantage: at the moment you can take advantage of a special code reserved for new online players. With the FDJTV code you can receive 10 euros in the form of an e-credit, which guarantees you 4 simple grids (2.50 euros each) for free. another code, FDJRENTREE allow you to play a high-tech raffle. Unfortunately you will have to choose one or the other.

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If you choose the code FDJTV, the amount in the form of a bonus is guaranteed. If you choose the code FDJRENTREE, nothing is guaranteed, but the potential is greater: FDJ gives away a MacBook Pro and 6 iPhone 13 Pro in the form of a lottery. All new players who used this code to participate in the draw. The answer will be given a few days after the EuroMillions draw.

This year FDJ did not use us to release codes and special offers for its new customers. It is therefore the perfect time to start this new school year. Either way, you can open an account in minutes. After that you can play all FDJ games from EuroMillion to Loto or various scratch cards. This account can be funded by credit card or bank transfer.

The principle of the EuroMillion draw

Whether in a tobacconist’s or on the Internet, the principle of this European lottery remains the same: there are 50 numbers and 12 stars. You have to find the right combination consisting of 5 numbers and 2 stars. If you have the correct result, you can go home with the € 112 million jackpot. If you only have a few correct numbers, there are interim winnings that can represent several thousand euros.

What are your chances of running away with something? The EuroMillion draw gives you a 1 in 13 chance to walk away with any amount. For example, you can increase this possibility by checking the Star + box (this will cost you 1 euro per simple grid). This checkbox increases the chances of success: it rises to 1 in 3.8. So you can get a great deal – and we recommend it.

Otherwise, there are other options that can minimize the risk as much as possible. This is the case with the MultiChances feature which can only be found on the Internet. This means that if you go to your tobacconist, you will not be able to use it. For example, if you bet 5 euros on this game, you can take a position on 660 grids. So you will receive a share of the potential profit, but at least you will diversify. There is also a slice of 1260 lattice pie for 7.50 euros.

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Essential to the EuroMillion draw in France is the second My Million draw. The French player who completes a EuroMillion grid will automatically enter this second draw. A My Million draw code is automatically generated on every validated EuroMillion grid in France. In other words, the cost of My Million is already included in the EuroMillion entrance ticket.

Gamers tend to forget My Million, but this is what generates the most millionaires in France. Since the beginning of the year, 93 people have become millionaires in France thanks to EuroMillion and My Million. Since the EuroMillion draw takes place twice a week, there are also two Frenchmen who become millionaires every week with My Million.

How do you play this lottery?

The final match for tonight’s EuroMillions draw on Tuesday, August 30th, will take place at 8.15pm. So you must first place your bet to get access to this € 112 million jackpot. If anyone finds the right combination, the next draw drops to just 17 million. On the other hand, if the right combination is not found this time, an even bigger prize pool will be in play on Friday.

In any case, we encourage you to bet only what you can lose: do not risk your financial health. EuroMillion drawing is a game of chance, you cannot predict the numbers before they fall. So it’s a matter of luck. There are several ways to increase the odds, but there is always a risk. Beginners could also take advantage of the $ 10 worth of e-credits offered with the FDJTV code.

Opening an account on the FDJ website takes only a few minutes. That said, you still need to do it a little in advance: this will allow you to familiarize yourself with the interface and calmly place your bet for the EuroMillion draw.

To play, it’s here:

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Gambling involves risks: debt, isolation, addiction. Call for help 09 74 75 13 13 (no extra charge).

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