3-year-old’s complaint to cops, ‘put my mom in jail’

In an adorable incident, a 3-year-old filed a complaint against his mother for not allowing him to eat chocolates and candies. The video of the same is going viral on all social media platforms.

Recently, a child went to the police along with his father to file a complaint against his mother because she did not allow him to eat chocolates. In his query, toddler he can be heard telling the female officer: “My mom is stealing my chocolates, put her in jail.”

He also claims that his mother beats him when he nags about candy. The policeman pretended to pay serious attention to the child’s problems and carefully recorded each point.

This innocent case belongs to Dedhtalai village in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Amused by the boy’s innocence, the police officers also burst out laughing.

The boy’s father said: “His mother used to put a stick on his eyes after she had bathed him, but he disturbed her by insisting on eating chocolate, so his mother slapped him lightly. Then he started crying and asked me to take him to the police. That’s why I brought him here.

Sub-inspector Priyanka Nayak said everyone at the station laughed after hearing the child’s complaint. “Later I explained to him that his mother had no bad intentions and then he went home.”

The clip was shared on Twitter by a page called “Weisel” along with the caption, “3-year-old gets mad at mom, goes to police station to file a complaint, says ‘my mom is stealing candy, put her in jail’.” “

Watch video here:

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