250 kg milk cake, doda burfi season in Kota: Samples suspected of adulteration, samples of milk cake and doda burfi sent for testing

In view of the upcoming holidays, the Department of Food Safety teams are constantly mobilized to act. Food Safety Officer Chandraveer Singh said reports were received that the Mawa sweets came from outside the Royal Mawa Bhandar Gumanpura. which is not of good quality. Based on this information, the team went to the site to inspect it. 66 cartons of milk cakes and 32 cartons of Doda Barfi brought by Alwar were delivered to the cheese after the preliminary check.

About 250 kg are announced. The health official, Dr Jagdish Soni, said samples of the two sweets were sent for testing. Further processing will be done after receipt of the survey report. Along with this, a mawa sample was taken from a Dinesh Mawa Bhandar merchant, the team continuously operates in the district, including the entire city. Previously, the medical service team took 5 samples of ghee, mawa and sweets during an action in Ramganj Mandi. Two 75 kg mawa samples were taken from Digod compatriots. This mawa was brought from Digod to Kota.

Along with this, 35 kg of smelly paneer was found in a shop in Ramganj Mandi which was destroyed. According to the officials of the medical department, in view of the Christmas holidays, continuous inspections are carried out and wherever there is concern, sweets, mawa and other foodstuffs are seized and samples are sent. for the exam.

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