2.5 quintal barfi confiscated from Indore to Chhindwara

In a big move on Monday, the Department of Food team seized three 2.5-pound packages of barfi from a private bus stop during the investigation. According to food officer Gopesh Mishra, this package from Doda Barfi had arrived from Indore to Chhindwara and Amarwada, of which samples are being taken.

In fact, there were 5 packs of Vaishali Rajpurohit from Chhindwara and three packs of Bikaner sweets from Amarwada, which are considered hanging barfi for lack of paper of any kind. During the Diwali season, the food department team is constantly engaged in inspection, due to which this action was taken at the private bus stop.

Sweets that reach Chhindwara from the outside

It can be mentioned that during the holiday season, a large number of shipments of sweets arrive in Chhindwara from Indore, Bhopal and Jabalpur on a large scale to Chhindwara. In such a situation, the food service constantly checks the packages of candy in this way at the bus stop.

So that the adulterated sweets never reach Chhindwara. Food Safety Officer Gopesh Mishra Rupram Sanodiya, Deputy Food Safety Officer Dhanveer Thapa, Akash, also took part in today’s action.

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