18 months in prison for sharing 40 movies on a torrent site

Sharing movies without the copyright owner’s permission can be very expensive and there is a new case to prove it.

One user shared 40 movies on a torrent site and the sentence could go up to 40 years in prison, Torrentfreak reports.

It didn’t do this on sites like PirateBay, but on a private torrent site that requires membership, which means that other users pay somehow to access the content posted there. These sites require an invitation to participate and generally you need to upload content to download more.

Each site has different rules, but since this is a torrent site, it is usually mandatory to share what has been downloaded so that other people can use the node and get more speeds and download opportunities.

In 2020, the DanishBits website, Danish, has already closed the case and sent to prison with one of the perpetrators. They are now following another of their former members, a user investigated by the Rights Alliance for information gathering, along with other Danish users who have shared at least 10 movies.

According to the Rights Alliance, the maximum prison sentence the court can consider is 18 months, but it also has a damages claim of around $ 380, which is very low compared to similar cases.

The aim is not to make money on the issue, they don’t want to be a copyright troll and they want to show the public that sharing protected content is a serious crime in Denmark.

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