11 Burger King Menu Hacks That Help Customers Save Money

While many people may avoid eating out or getting takeout to save money, other people will find ways to enjoy their favorite restaurants for less.

The Burger King survey revealed that 67 percent of people say value for money is the most important thing people consider when eating out, while 89 percent of people look for deals before heading to a restaurant.

To help its customers save money during the cost-of-living crisis — without having to give up the luxury of enjoying fast food — Burger King has shared 11 menu hacks.

Find out how you can save money on your next Burger King meal below.

Burger King Menu Hacks

1. Get a free Whopper

To get a free Whopper, download the app and order via click and collect. Spend at least £3 on your first Click & Collect order and you can get a Whopper for free.

2. Get a burger for £1.99

Every Monday, Burger King is selling plant-based Whoppers and Vegan Royales for £1.99 in honor of Meatless Monday. Then, on Whopper Wednesday, a Whopper will also be just £1.99.

3. Feed a family of four for less than £18

Using the Burger King app, families can get two Whopper or Royale meals for £9.99 and two children’s meals for £3.99 each, a saving of £15.

4. Buy two burgers, get one free

When you sign up to YourBurgerKing and spend £15 – the equivalent of two gourmet burgers – you can claim a free burger. YourBurgerKing allows customers to earn 10 points for every £1 spent, with 150 points leading to a free chip, cheeseburger, hamburger or regular drink.

Burger King is letting customers know how they can pay less for their fast food

/ Burger King

5. Get cheaper nuggets

Ordering 20 chicken or vegan bites via the Burger King app costs £3.99, compared to £6.99 and £7.49 respectively.

6. Spend less on chili and cheese bites

Six bites of chilli and cheese cost £1.99 when ordered through the app – saving 15p per bite.

7. Get a free meal every six visits

According to the fast-food chain, customers who use YourBurgerKing for the first time and spend the average amount over five visits will earn enough points to get a free meal on their sixth visit.

8. Ask for free

Fast food fans who join YourBurgerKing can get 200 points for free, which is enough to get a free cheeseburger, hamburger or drink.

9. Free burgers for students

Students can get a free Whopper Jr every day of the week when they spend £4 and use their Student Beans ID.

10. Get food for under £5

Ordering from the Melts range means you can get a burger, side, fries and a drink for £4.99.

11. Access new items cheaply

Burger King customers who use the app will first have access to new menu items, which will often be available as part of a deal.

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