100 euros for each child and a lower cost of food

I can He claims he has the key to the inflation Spain is experiencing. In an interview given by the leader of the purple party Javier Sánchez Serna, the purples proposed price intervention measures in sectors where speculative maneuvers are found, taking advantage of the increase in inflation, just as was done with natural gas.

Specifically, the purple party spokesperson cited transportation or food. As well as various social measures that will be necessary to approve the next General State Budgets (PGE), such as a baby check of 100 euros per month for each child.

In an interview with Europe Pressthe Podemos leader points out that thanks to government measures such as gas restrictions in recent weeks electricity and fuel prices fellbut inflation continues to rise.

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For this reason, he believes that “perhaps the government should look at whether there are other economic sectors that are taking advantage of rising inflation to make their products more expensive.” “And if necessary, if it is seen that there are speculative practices, of course price control measures will have to be taken in other areas as well,” he said, specifically food or transport.

They will also insist that some of the social measures that were enacted due to the pandemic emergency or crisis, such as the ban on evictions or the bank tax, become structural.

Podemos knows it can put pressure on the socialist part of the executive, as they are essential for approving new budgets and their proposals are demanding. Along with these measures, the violets again demanded an increase in the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI), as proposed by Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz.

Official Secrets Act

According to Sánchez Serna, Podemos’ job is to “push” PSOE towards this social turn, as he believes “it has sometimes been slow”. “It’s true that our partner makes big announcements and then when you sit down at the negotiating table, it seems like the minimum is being reached. We may have been very patientthere have been times when our proposals have been ridiculed, said to be technically unfeasible, and then accepted.”

Among these proposals there are not only social indicators. In the same interview, the leader of Podemos in Murcia calls for the 50-year term of the Official Secrets Law to be reduced, because otherwise Sánchez will not have a “law” due to lack of support.

Sánchez Serna asked the Socialists to “listen” to both the confederation group and the investment bloc and have the “courage” to lower that bar. In this sense, he reaffirmed the “United We Can” proposal to set a maximum term of 20 years, which could be extended by another ten.

rebellion crime

On the other hand, and regarding the reform of the crime of rebellion, which was blamed on the leaders of the 2017 independence process, the leader of Podemos does not share the opinion of President Pedro Sánchez that there is not enough of a majority in Congress to undertake this amendment of the Criminal Code. “Yes, there is this majority,” thinks

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United We Can’s request comes after the so-called dialogue table between the government and the Generalitat agreed in July to advance “dejudicialisation”.

The party that was already negative to this vote was PP. Alberto Nunes Feijoo He emphasized the “dejudicialization of politics”, something he said was “very simple” and consisted of “politicians not committing crimes”.

“I also suggest: we politicians cannot commit crimes and we cannot use our political responsibility, our political power, to be able to commit crimes and then agree to changes in the codes that we will continue to want to we impose. That’s what I think is the right thing to do.”

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